Our "Clean Paris Project"

At My Paris Insider we believe in protecting the beautiful environment of Paris and want to ensure that our children or grandchildren can visit and enjoy it too. My Paris Insider is committed to protecting our environment and preserving our precious city. By going “clean & green”, we have made a promise to promote a lifestyle that ensures our environmental impact on the world around us is minimal and as positive as possible. 

We have also decided to contribute in making Paris cleaner. Indeed, as much as we love our city, Paris stays a huge city and keeping it as clean as we would like is not always easy. Therefore we have decided to dedicate 2% of our yearly revenues and one day per quarter to this subject. 

For a community cleanup to be successful, it must be well-planned. From picking the right project to recruiting enough volunteers, putting together an effective event takes effort. This contribution on our revenues will help us to do exactly that.