Based on Sophia James example

Every situation is different because every person is different. However everybody wishes to get the best out of their Paris experience when they come to visit the city. Sophia was no different when she contacted My Paris Insider. All she wanted was to make the most of her 4 days in the French capital with her family (her husband Joe and their 2 kids). 

Sophia visited Paris once before, more than 15 years ago, and loved it. However she felt that memories were too long ago to remember everything properly. She began to look for a private guide to introduce her family to Paris, and fortunately for us – she chose My Paris Insider. 

Sophia already knew that she wanted her family to stay in the 7th arrondissement, next to rue Cler. This would make her old memories of Paris come back to life. She also knew that she wanted her family to discover and experience “the real Paris”; not only visiting Eiffel Tower and Louvres. After a Skype conversation with My Paris Insider, she was able to express her expectations, preferences and interests and ultimately, she decided to select a “Full Day Private Walking Tour” because that would suit her personal preferences best.

“She wanted to get a special experience for her and her family. She wanted to know where to get the best breakfasts and where to admire the most stunning sunsets…”

Sophia decided that booking our private guide services would be the best for her family for 1 day. This allowed them their own time to discover and explore Paris at their leisure, but also with the added benefit of having a knowledgeable insider guiding and explaining to them details that they may never get to know on their own. They specifically requested our services to discover Latin Quarter, Notre Dame neighborhood and Saint Germain. 

This wide area is the oldest in Paris but also the one where writers and artists used to live. This combination would complement both Joe’s historical interests and Sophia’s artistic passion. She also wanted her young children to be involved in the trip. Which is why Sophia really liked the idea of spending one hour in Luxembourg Garden during the day allowing her kids to enjoy this big park that has always given an important place to children for several centuries. 

Sophia also selected the “Customized Trip Plan” when she booked our services. Based on her previous visit to Paris, she felt she already knew basics to revisit and discover the city, but she wanted to get a special and unique experience for her and her family that would introduce her to even more. She wanted to know where to get the best breakfasts and where to admire the most stunning sunsets. 

Sophia wanted to know where to find some secret places in Paris; where the locals go even if those places are not exactly the most touristy. This is what the Trip Planning service is about : giving you the most customized plan that meets and exceeds all your expectations. 

Sophia and her family spent 4 days in Paris and we really think, based on what she shared with us afterwards, that their Parisian holiday was significantly enhanced by the time we have spent together and the customized trip plan we created for them.

On a more personal note, Sophia was one of my very first clients. Therefore I would like to thank her again for trusting me from start. I would also add that I am not only sharing my knowledge and passion for Paris during the tours. I am also learning a lot from my clients about their personal experiences. Indeed those hours or days spent together are very often a great moment to engage with each other on different subjects and enrich one another.