Off-The-Beaten-Track Private Tour

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This service includes:a 3-hour private walking tour focusing on the main off-the-beaten-track neighborhoods of Paris : the multicultural Eastern Paris!

This allows you to experience the non-touristy Paris and also to discover some great hidden places!

This price covers your entire group !



Some of the most interesting areas in Paris are in the less touristy neighborhoods often ignored by visitors. Once you’ve seen the main highlights, escape the crowds and discover another Paris.

In more concrete terms, this service includes a 3-hour private walking tour focusing on the main off-the-beaten-track neighborhood of Paris: the multicultural and working-class Eastern Paris.

This service allows you to get to know the Paris hidden from guide books and tour operators. You will experience Paris like a local, far from the crowds of tourists and you will get lost in the small streets of Paris. Your guide will introduce you to the hidden places and secrets spots usually familiar only to Parisians.

Please have in mind that Eastern Paris is full of hills, so this is pretty much walking up and down hills all tour.

If you are interested to know more about this service or booking it, then you can WRITE US to discuss more and check our availability.